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Weight :
110 lbs
Warhead :
22 lbs
Range :
74.5 mi.
Endurance :
2 hr

Lethal, Long-Endurance Loitering Munition System

The Hero-400EC, a member of the Hero family of Loitering Munitions, is a long-range, multi-purpose weapon system which meets the complex requirements of the modern battlefield. 

The Hero-400EC is all-electric, with low signatures (visual, acoustic & thermal) capable of locating, tracking, and engaging both stationary and moving targets with exceptional accuracy. 

Hero-400EC system is designed to fit operational requirements of field-deployed units tasked with covering extended ranges, and launched safely away from enemy lines . It is vehicle-transported and launched, deployed within several minutes, can fly and loiter for longer time and is equipped with more significant warheads. Its unique design allows for exceptional maneuverability, an advanced mid-air abort capability that allows automatic re-entry into loitering mode, re-engagement, or return to the recovery area using a parachute.

The LM has gimbaled and stabilized day/night EO sensor that enables detection and engaging target as well as automatic target tracking.
ESAD (The Electronic Safe and Arm Device) fuse allows in-flight configuration selection between Impact, and proximity triggering to match target type and attack profile.

Extended Performance, Multi-Mission Waread

The Hero-400EC can be fully controlled by a single operator from a ground station integrated on-to the launching vehicle, but can also allow ‘transfer of control’ from the operator to a forward-deployed small force, lightly equipped, that can receive control over the munition and fully utilize it for its missions. The extended loitering time of the Hero-400EC allows for larger range, and can also allow better use of the munition not only for attack, but also for intelligence gathering purposes, as well as for Battle Damage Assessment (BDA).

The Hero-400EC has been rigorously tested and proven effective against a wide range of targets. Whether operating on land or sea, the system provides a rapid response to time-sensitive targets and can be launched safely from a distance, thanks to its extended communication range and loitering time.

Launch Platforms

Hero-400EC system can be launched from a single or multi canister launcher and carried on a variety of Land or Naval platforms. 

On land the single canister pneumatic launcher can be mounted on any type of truck, provided by the end-user. Controlling and operating the LM is performed from within the cabin or by the same hand-held operator control unit of a dismounted force. In this configuration the launcher can be fully concealed in the truck’s container. 

Multi-Canister Launcher of the Hero-400EC can contain up to 12 munitions and is usually mounted on armored vehicles or Frigates/ Battleships, if at sea. 

Additional launching option is a simple towed rail-launcher. The munition is opened and mounted manually on the rail launcher, launched (also with a pneumatic launching mechanism) and controlled by the same hand-held operator control unit of a dismounted force. Such option might be simpler from logistical point of view, utilize existing the customer’s land vehicles, allowing easier concealment of the launcher, and can be more cost-effective.

Launch Platforms


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