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Everything You Need To Know About Loitering Munitions from UVision

Loitering munitions – also known as kamikaze or suicide drones – are equipped with advanced sensors, guidance systems and explosive warheads. They locate, track, and engage high-value targets with pinpoint accuracy.

Loitering munitions systems provide unprecedented flexibility and accuracy in electronic warfare. Loitering in the air on autonomous missions and attacking targets directly, precision guided munitions are a game-changer in the arsenal of modern militaries around the world.

HERO Loitering Munition Systems

The HERO Family series of Loitering Munitions from UVision Air Ltd. is specifically designed for front-line forces (including Special Forces). With long-range, independent fire capability. , they combine advanced intelligence gathering and striking power that until now could be achieved only by complex cooperation among several units and echelons. 

  • With a unique cruciform wing configuration for high maneuverability, HERO Loitering Munitions give the operator ‘eyes-on-target’ capability: a precision strike system ideal for multidimensional operational environments. 

precision strike system
precision strike system

The smaller HERO series models – Hero-30, Hero-90 and Hero-120 – are man-portable, a perfect fit for small, lightweight, forward-deployed tactical units and Special Forces. Carried into battle and deployed within 2-3 minutes, they are controlled by a single operator. The munitions can also be installed on a variety of vehicles including soft-skin vehicles (Standard and Non-Standard Commercial Vehicles).

The larger HERO series models – Hero-400EC, Hero-900 and Hero-1250 – are launched from a platform (land vehicles or naval vessels). They are ideal for field-deployed units tasked with covering longer range targets. Vehicle-transported and deployed within minutes, the HERO 400EC, Hero-900 and Hero-1250 flies and loiters for extended periods and are equipped with customizable, powerful warheads. A single operator can control these Loitering Munitions from a ground station integrated into the launching vehicle. Control can also be transferred to a small, forward-deployed force to carry out its missions.

With complete connectivity to existing C4 systems, weapons and other observation systems, HERO’s advanced datalink and real-time intelligence capability delivers real-time situational awareness, a key tactical advantage for your fighting force.

precision guided munition

Loitering Munitions Operational Concept

Loitering Munition systems are launched from a hidden safe position, with very low signature. They fly to the target area, loiter, locate, and verify targets, and strike precisely when the opportunity arises, even if the target appears for only an instant. If the situation changes at the last second, the operator can abort in mid-air, go back to loitering, divert to a different target, or re-engage the same target when conditions are more favorable. The operator can even stop the mission completely.

The LM operator sees a real-time image of the target and its surroundings and sets the precise timing, direction and angle of the attack on a static or moving target. 

LMs give small tactical units independent fire support, with “one-shot, one-target” accuracy, instead of having to call for support from higher echelon assets or other units. 

precision strike system