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Weight :
26 lbs
Warhead :
2.6 lbs
Range :
25 mi
Endurance :
45 Min
Hero90 anti tank loitering munition

Multi-Domain, Multi-Purpose, Man-Portable Loitering Munition System

Hero-90 is a Common Launch Tube Compatible, light-weight, Multi-Purpose Loitering Munition System, easily carried in a backpack by a single soldier.

Highly agile and man-portable, the Hero-90 brings a versatile anti-tank capability to the battlefield, specifically tailored to meet the evolving needs of infantry and tactical forces.

It is designed to bring unprecedented lethality to land forces, especially small tactical units operating in challenging environments. The Hero-90 provides agility and counter-armor capabilities at extraordinary ranges and endurance, best performance in its category.

The Hero-90 stands out with its All-Domain compatibility. It can be equipped on air-vehicles, vessels, land vehicles (from small to large) and infantry units.

Redefining Mid-Range Lethality 

A potent force against armored targets, the Hero-90 delivers precision strikes at ranges exceeding 40 kilometers. With versatile warhead configurations, including Anti-Tank, Multi-Purpose, and Anti-Personnel, it is critical for meeting the requirements of the rapidly evolving symmetric and asymmetric warfare arenas. The Hero-90’s small form-factor and portability, combined with a high-yield warhead of over 1.5 Kg, provides a significant and precise destructive capability to effectively neutralize threats from different types and sizes.

Launch Platforms

The Hero-90 can be launched from various platforms, such as: Man-packed single canister/launcher,  a variety of light-skin and armored vehicles, and a wide range of naval platforms. The compact size and low weight is ideally suit for infantry forces.

Example Operational Scenarios:

  • Urban Warfare – launching the Hero-90 “around the corner” in order not to expose the fighting forces to enemy fire, while gathering information regarding threats, obstacles, enemy locations, etc.
  • Special Forces – operations in diversified conditions and situations of either planned parts of the operations or as a quick reaction to opportunities or threats.
  • Mobile Forces – such as forces mounted on armored vehicles, with the task of locating dispersed enemy units.

Launch Platforms


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