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Weight :
40 lbs
Warhead :
9.9 lbs
Range :
Up to 37 mi
Endurance :
Up to 60 Min

Portable Anti-Tank Loitering Munition System

The Hero-120 is medium range anti-armored system, designed to provide front-line forces with organic capabilities that allow them to operate independently, without having to rely on fire support or intelligence gathering from other units or higher echelons.

Being man-portable and/or mounted on a vehicle the system can be easily carried right in to the heart of the operational arena, and easily launched from a protected, hidden position, with very low signature, allowing the launching team maximum safety and flexibility. 

The Hero-120 systems are especially designed to provide significant advantage to field-deployed tactical units and small independent and dismounted forces (including Special Forces). They allow these forces to employ a unique combination of independent Intelligence, Surveillance & Reconnaissance (ISR) Ability, along with extended-range Beyond Line of Sight (BLOS) fire-power.

Unparalled Organic Lethality

The Hero-120 is launched pneumatically from a launcher generating low acoustic and visual signatures. Once launched, the system provides the operator with the ability to independently locate targets, ‘investigate’ them (using a gimbaled Electro-Optic & Infra-Red camera), choose the direction, the angle and the timing of the attack, and eventually engage the target with pin-point precision. If the situation changes at the last minute the operator can abort the attack in mid-air, return to loitering, and then re-engage the target, choose a different target or stop the mission completely.

Operating and controlling the Loitering Munition is done by the operator (man-in-the-loop at all times) by using communication (datalink-terminal) and hand-held Fire-Control Unit (FCU/OCU). 

The Hero-120 also enables ‘transfer of control’ from the operator to a forward-deployed force that can receive control over the munition and fully utilize it for its missions.

Launch Platforms

The Hero 120 can be operated on board various platforms, such as: man portable, vehicles, vessels, and helicopters. 

Mounting the Hero-120 on vehicles is a relatively simple mechanical integration, as launching is performed using the same man-portable canister-launcher. It allows the munition to be launched from the vehicle and/or dismounted easily and quickly. 

Multi Canister Launcher (MCL) – The Hero-120 can also be launched from a Multi-Canister-Launcher, as a stand-alone launcher or mounted on a variety of land platform, along with extended range communication kit (dish antenna that will extend the range of the LM to 60 km) and with integrated control unit as  a control station inside the vehicle. 

Launch Platforms


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