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Weight :
40 lbs
Warhead :
9.9 lbs
Range :
Up to 37 mi
Endurance :
Up to 60 Min
HERO 120 Tactical Drone

Hero 120 Tactical Drone – Portable Anti-Tank Loitering Munitions System

Medium range anti-armored system, Tactical Drone HERO 120 gives front-line forces the capability of independent operation without fire support or intelligence gathering from other units.

Man-portable and/or vehicle-mounted, the system is easily carried into the battlefield arena and easily launched from a hidden position. Very low signature provides maximum safety and flexibility for the launch team. 

Hero-120’s significant advantage for field-deployed units and small dismounted forces, comes from a unique combination of independent Intelligence, ISR capability and BLOS fire-power.

Loitering Munition Systems with Unparalleled Precision and Organic Lethality

The Hero-120 launches pneumatically with low acoustic and visual signatures. The operator locates targets, ‘investigates’ them with a gimbaled Electro-Optic & Infra-Red camera, chooses direction, angle, and timing of attack. In case of last second situation change, the operator aborts in mid-air, returns to loitering, re-engages, chooses a different target, or aborts the mission.

With man-in-the-loop at all times, the Loitering Munition is controlled via datalink-terminal and hand-held Fire-Control Unit. Alternately, Hero-120 control is easily transferable to a forward-deployed force.

Launch Platforms

Hero 120 operates on various platforms: man portable, vehicles, vessels, and helicopters. 

Vehicle mounting and dismounting of Hero-120 is a simple mechanical procedure. Launch is from the same man-portable canister-launcher. 

Hero-120 is also launched from a Multi-Canister-Launcher, either stand-alone or mounted on land platforms – extended range communication kit increases LM range to 60 km with integrated control inside the vehicle.

Launch Platforms


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