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Weight :
17 lbs
Warhead :
1 lbs
Range :
9 mi
Endurance :
30 Min
Hero-30 weaponized drone

The HERO 30: light-weight, weaponized drone

A Tactical, Manpack Loitering Munition System

The Hero 30 is the smallest of the HERO family’s smart loitering munition systems for the modern battlefield.

An aerial short range, weaponized drone, the Hero 30 performs precision strikes on beyond line-of-sight enemy positions. Compact and lightweight, quickly deployed in any terrain, the drone locates and neutralizes targets with precision strikes in urban areas, open fields, and mountainous terrain.

With on-board auto-tracker, collateral damage is minimized – a significant advantage in modern asymmetric conflicts.

The Hero 30 loiters above a target and strikes exactly when the opportunity arises, even if the target appears for only an instant. If necessary, the operator can abort the attack and return to loitering mode until re-engaging the target when the time is right.

Launch Platforms

The Hero 30 can be man-packed, mounted on a variety of vehicles, and on small vessels. Compact size and light weight make Hero-30 perfect for tactical, on-the-move forces, geared to “hunt down” mobile and transient threats. 

Sample Operational Scenarios:

In Urban Warfare – Launched from a protected, hidden position, the Hero-30 keeps infantry forces safe from enemy fire, while gathering information on threats, obstacles and enemy locations.


For Special Forces – operates in multi-domain conditions and situations of either pre-planned missions or in rapid response to opportunities or threats.


For Mobile Forces – including forces mounted on armored vehicles, tasked with locating dispersed enemy units.

Launch Platforms


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