High Precision Loitering Munitions.

Battlefield Game Changer

UVision USA delivers combat-proven Unmanned Aerial Loitering Munition (ALM) Systems providing militaries around the globe with precise and effective operational attack capabilities. Its innovative, cost-effective ‘HERO’ series of Aerial Loitering Munitions are based on cuttingedge technology and extensive field experience. The ‘HERO’ Systems provide high precision strike capability. The unique aerodynamic platform is designed for extreme flight and attack profiles for the most precise strike in their class.

‘HERO’ Aerial Loitering Munitions are suitable for tactical and strategic targets – whether for short, medium, or long ranges. The modular design provides flexibility to use a variety of payloads to ensure maximum mission effectiveness. UVision’s Aerial Loitering Munitions (ALM) are design to meet the requirements of today’s new battlefield doctrines for combat operations in complex, dynamic environments.

UVision-USA Corporation is a wholly owned company of UVision Air Ltd., was established in the United States in January 2019.

UVision-USA has an office in Northern Virginia and provides Marketing and Sales, Business Development, and Logistics services for UVision Air Ltd. here in the USA.

Jim Truxel, CEO

Prior to joining UVision, Truxel had a distinguished career with Saab Technologies spanning over 31 years. His last position at Saab was Vice President Business Development with a focus in the areas of Tactical Solutions, Rugged Electronics for armored vehicles, CBRNe solutions and Expeditionary Maintenance Solutions for fighter aircraft.

Truxel is a former United States Marine and has been married for 34 years. He and his wife live in the suburbs of Washington, DC and have two grown daughters.