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Integrated Logistics Support (ILS) – Collaboration between Uvision and Valued Partners

UvisionUSA delivers tailored ILS packages for your specific requirements, ensuring efficient and effective support for our HERO systems throughout their operational lifespan.

The UvisionUSA ILS Strategy: Attain the highest operational availability under changing conditions and maintain the lowest possible Life Cycle Cost (LCC). From initial stage of system acquisition through to its utilization, we prioritize solid support of the system’s optimal performance and readiness.

Training is Critical – Our comprehensive training programs enhance the skills of operators and technician in the handling our systems. Technical literature is in digital format, providing immediate guidance for system maintenance and operation.

Packaging, handling, storage, and transportation processes for the HERO family of systems are compliant with strict military standards and common practices. We place significant emphasis on design interfaces for seamless integration of our systems with varied platforms, lowering your costs and minimizing the use of resources.

UvisionUSA ILS principles are tailored specifically for the defense arena. For our customers and partners, we optimize performance, reduce costs, and enhance overall supportability for the HERO family of loitering munitions systems, an increasingly important asset in the battle arena.

Unparalleled versatility across extensive range of launch platforms

Enhanced Lethality and Higher Survivability

Multi-Dimensional Coverage of the Naval Arena