Training & Simulation

Maximize Training Effectiveness While Lowering Cost And Reducing Risk

UVision’s advanced Hero Integrated Simulator is a full-service training solution that enables operators to train on the Hero family of precision loitering munitions UAVs using high-fidelity simulated scenarios combined with a live-flying environment. Designed to provide the utmost in realistic mission training, UVision’s training system combines innovative technologies and software that presents an authentic arena environment that is fully independent and easily deployable.

Training & Simulation
 - Customer Training Options

Classsroom Configuration

The Classroom configuration provides a robust simulation solution with rich and versatile scenario generator for multiple trainees. Highest training level using a wide variety of scenarios.

Portable Simulator

Portable: lightweight simulator allows the operators to easily transport the training system into the field and rapidly deploy using a rugged carry-on-case. High training level using multiple scenarios.


Embedded: the simulator software is installed on the Operator Control Unit (OCU) and allows the operator to practice the basic commands and control of the HERO systems, anytime anywhere

Hero Operator Control Unit (OCU)

The Hero Integrated Simulator is based on proprietary software running on the Hero Operator Control Unit (OCU), including 3D training databases, computer-generated forces and 3D objects. It utilizes real flight and wind tunnel data, as well as the actual LM autopilot and video tracking in its control hardware, ensuring the most realistic environment possible. The Windows-based simulator is fully compliant and completely integrated with the authentic autopilot flight control system.

When combined with live flight training using the parachute configuration of the Hero-30ISR Training System, the Integrated Simulator enables efficient loitering system training for a broad spectrum of missions, including intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR), as well as preparing and rehearsing for operational missions in simulated enemy territory.

The combined training solution allows users of all levels to train in a wide range of terrains – including urban areas – while enhancing safety standards and cost savings.

Key Features

Reduced costs and minimized risks during operator training

Available for training 24/7 in all weather conditions

Accurate simulation of the platform and the electro-optical seeker

Rich and versatile scenario generator

Easy-to-use, compact, ready to be used anywhere

Simulation of a wide variety of end-to-end missions

Training on a standard Operator Control Unit (OCU) for maximum training fidelity

Simulation of unexpected situations

Comprehensive training services

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