With advanced deployment, target acquisition and attack capabilities, UVision’s unique Hero line of loitering munitions systems can loiter above a target and strike precisely when the opportunity arises, even if the target appears for only an instant.

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The smart loitering systems’ unique cruciform aerodynamic configuration enables beyond line-of-sight capabilities and high levels of maneuverability. Featuring complete connectivity to existing C4 systems, Hero’s advanced datalink and real-time intelligence deliver up-to-the-minute situational awareness to all military echelons – from the individual soldier to central command – for tactical, operational and strategic targets.


Man-pack portable and deployed within minutes, the Hero-30 is capable of speeds of up to 100 knots and is ideal…

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Extremely lightweight at 12kg, the Hero-90 smart loitering system has a LOS datalink range of 40 km.…

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Ideal for anti-tank missions, or other strategic objectives, the Hero-120 is the largest of the short-range systems. It carries a…

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The Hero-400EC is an innovative all-electric precision Electro-Optical/Infra-Red (EO/IR) guided, man-in-the-loop Loitering Munition system that can locate, track and strike…

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For strategic operations that require significant munitions, the Hero-900 is capable of carrying a 20 kg warhead and enduring 7…

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Hero-1250: As the largest UAV in UVision’s fleet of strategic systems, Hero 1250 carries an extremely lethal 30 kg warhead...

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Hero Simulator

UVision’s Hero Simulator System is an advanced loitering weapon and payload simulator that allows Loitering Weapon System (LWS) operators to…

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Our solutions are designed for unique flight qualities, advanced airborne guidance and navigation systems, precision attack munitions and C4 stations fully integrated with communication links. These lethal solutions meet the requirements of today’s new battlefield doctrines for combat operations in complex, dynamic environments.