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Weight :
242 lbs
Warhead :
66 lbs
Range :
93 mi.
Endurance :
6 hr

For strategic operations that require significant lethality, the Hero-900 is capable of carrying a 30 kg warhead and enduring 6 hours of flight time. With an extremely long range of 150 km, the Hero-900 is highly effective on the modern battlefield.

Engaging High-Value Targets

With its exceptional capabilities, it is perfectly suited for engaging high-value targets in critical scenarios.  Hero-900 provides extended time on target, ensuring the precise neutralization of strategic assets and infrastructure. Operating at an outstanding range of 150 km, it offers a wide operational reach, enabling operators to strike with unparalleled precision and impact, without risking the force. It offers versatile launch methods, including rail and single/multi-canister options. 

Advanced Capabilities yet Simple Operation

The Hero-900 is not only a powerful and lethal loitering munition system, but it is also remarkably easy to maintain and operate.

Despite its impressive size, weight, and lethality, the Hero-900 has been designed for easy and quick operation and deployment. The training process is straightforward and intuitive, ensuring that operators can quickly become proficient in its operation.

This combination of advanced capabilities and simplified usage makes the Hero-900 an ideal choice for strategic operations, providing operators with the confidence and efficiency they need to achieve their mission objectives.

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