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Weight :
341 lbs
Warhead :
110 lbs
Range :
124 mi.
Endurance :
10 hr

Extended Performance Designed for Strategic Targets

The Hero-1250, as the largest in UVision’s fleet of strategic systems, offers an even more significant warhead of 30 kg. This substantial payload, combined with its remarkable long-range flight capabilities of 200 km, positions the Hero-1250 as a highly potent and indispensable weapon in military strategy. With its extended reach and devastating firepower, the Hero-1250 provides an unparalleled advantage in achieving mission success and effectively neutralizing high-value targets.


Beyond its primary role, the Hero-1250’s size and payload capacity allow it to perform a range of additional missions en route to the target. This includes Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) tasks, where it can carry payloads for SIGINT (Signals Intelligence) and COMJAM (Communications Jamming), expanding its versatility on the battlefield. Moreover, the Hero-1250 can be utilized for Anti-Radiation Missions (ARM) to neutralize enemy air defense systems. With its extended capabilities and payload capacity, the Hero-1250 offers a wide range of mission types, making it a highly adaptable and effective platform for various operational requirements. Whether engaging targets with its warhead or conducting auxiliary missions, the Hero-1250 excels in delivering superior performance and operational flexibility.

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