HERO Series of Loitering Munitions

Battlefield Game Changer

Extending Precision Strike Capabilities

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Multi-Mission, BLOS Systems for Land, Sea and Air

The HERO series of high precision loitering munition systems is designed to provide operating forces in the modern battlefield with the ultimate operational flexibility. All HERO Systems are designed to operate in challenging battlefield conditions, including GPS denied environment and communication interferences.

Changing the Battlefield - Combat Proven

With units deployed and field proven record in leading fighting forces – including dominant NATO Countries – The HERO series of Lethal Loitering Munitions is already widely accepted and procured by world military forces. The HERO series introduces unprecedented advantages to the forces operational traits and is already becoming a ‘Battlefield Game Changer’.

Suitable for a Wide Spectrum of Missions

The HERO series of Lethal Loitering Munitions is suitable for a wide range of units and forces, and for tactical and strategic missions, of short, medium and long ranges; man-pack portable and vehicle mounted; and with varying launch mechanisms. All platforms have a unique aerodynamic configuration that enables maximum maneuverability with pinpoint lethal-strike accuracy and mission abort and reengage capability.

Simple Deployment and Flexible Operation

Extremely lightweight, and man-pack portable, the HERO loitering munitions can be carried right into the heart of the battle and deployed within minutes. With a pneumatic launch, low noise and low thermal, visual and Radar signature, HERO is a silent, invisible, surprise attacker – a major asset both in rural and urban battlefields.

  • The system brings more independence to the operating tactical forces
  • Brings both the benefits of a UAV & a Missile in one package
  • The system allows updating the concept of fire management principles
  • The system allows an early engagement with the enemy prior to actual contact

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Enhanced Lethality and Higher Survivability

The HERO Lethal Loitering Munitions can be launched from a wide choice of aerial platforms.

The systems are seamlessly integrated into the air-vehicle avionics suite – hence allowing the aircrew to simply operate the munition using the standard controls. The flight and guidance of the HERO munitions is done from the platform, and can also be transferred to fighting forces on the ground.

This dramatically enhances the lethality and operational range of the air-platform, and its ability to counter low-signature time-sensitive targets, allowing it much greater ability to support the ground (or Naval) forces.

  • The Loitering Munitions ability to operate at lower altitudes, many times lower than the clouds, increases the operational flexibility of the air-platform, especially in near-terrain-flying altitude airspace.

  • While operating the HERO systems, the aerial platform can stay in a stand-off position, significantly lowering its exposure to possible threats, and allowing it to penetrate and neutralize many advanced air defenses.

  • All HERO Systems are designed to operate in challenging battlefield conditions, including GPS denied environment and communication interferences. This makes them highly suitable for the modern battlefield.

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UVision designs, manufactures and delivers innovative, cost-effective, unmanned aerial loitering munition systems for customers worldwide. These lethal solutions meet the requirements of today’s new battlefield doctrines for combat operations in complex, dynamic environments. The company’s solutions are tailored for unique flight qualities, advanced airborne guidance and navigation systems, precision attack munitions and C4 stations fully integrated with communication links.

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